Intensive Programme

An accelerated ‘First 120 Days’ 1-to-1 Meta Navigator programme for your newly appointed leaders
This is an accelerated version of The Meta Navigator journey delivered on a 1-to-1 mentoring basis, over a 4-month period, designed specifically to support the “First 120 Days” for your newly appointed leaders onto an already established team and culture.

How Intensive works

As they work hard to climb the learning curve as fast as they can, while at the same time getting a handle on their new role they are simultaneously trying to balance navigating the complexities, people dynamics and unfamiliar culture in an effort to establish trusted relationships with their peers, bosses and their inherited team as quickly and effectively as possible. If this is important, this Meta Navigator ‘Intensive First 120 Days’ programme is the one to choose.

It incorporates the key elements and main benefits of the overall Meta Navigator programme. This will rapidly give your newly appointed leader the skills and competencies to overcome the challenges faced when integrating and building trust with a new team.

It will ultimately offer them the opportunity to have the best possible impact in less than 120-days.

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How Intensive Is Delivered

The delivery and content of the programme will be run over a 4-month timeframe, involving a combination of masterclasses, mentoring and support and sustained through a series of homework integration, reflection and skills practice activities between modules and closing presentation to the leadership team at the end.

Note: The Meta Navigator © Intensive, First 120 days can also be run with up to 3 newly appointed leaders from the same organisation, at the same time, if required.

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