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In-House Leadership Team Development and Cultural Enhancement Programme

This is the ultimate Meta Navigator programme run over 8 months co-created with you and for you, your in-house leadership/management teams and for your organisational culture. This programme is about you as a leader, it’s about the psychologically safe culture that you create and it’s about your people who are engaged, feel passionate about their jobs, and are committed to the organisation and its leadership.

What is The Meta Navigator©

It’s an exclusive and sustainable Leadership, behavioural and cultural change programme that is transformational across your professional and personal world and throughout the organisational culture. The output of which will filter and cascade throughout your business, shifting old unhelpful paradigms, leading to greater levels of trust, enhanced collaboration and greater psychological safety. This will result in everyone being happily engaged, fulfilled and committed.

It will also offer a common language among the team that will enable everyone to hold themselves and each other more accountable, without shame, blame or judgement and interact in a more effective, clear and influential way with everyone they engage with.

In the face of the unprecedented challenges that we are currently experiencing, there’s an even greater need to manage and adapt your leadership agility and style and enhance your own leadership presence, your people and the organisational culture to thrive and prosper in this environment of flux, upheaval and uncertainty.

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Supporting & Enhancing Teams

We collaborate closely with you and your team to customise your unique 8-month transformational Team development and Cultural change journey.

It is delivered through a blend of live face-to-face and/or virtual masterclasses and 1-to-1 dedicated mentoring time for each participant during each module to integrate and support the learnings.

There will also be required homework, integration and skills practice activities between modules and a closing playback presentation at the end.

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