Executive Coaching

When you create a culture of coaching, the result may not always be directly measurable in money terms. But we have yet to find a company that can’t benefit from more candour, less denial, richer communication, conscious development of talent, disciplined leaders who show compassion for people.

The ultimate aim of Azurite’s Executive Coaching programme is to raise the individual and organizational performance through developing the competencies, capabilities, accountability, personal awareness and consciousness of the coachee in alignment with departmental and company goals and objectives.

Fundamentally Executive Coaching is about empowering leaders to tap into their authenticity– transformational learning happens when we have a purposeful conversation, in a safe and confidential environment that causes us to look at things differently, to embrace new perspectives and to give us the courage to do and say things that we didn’t think we could do before.

Coaching is about working with the leader to draw out their own resourcefulness while supporting them to navigate through anything that might be blocking them or holding them back in any way, for example their limiting belief systems, fear, communication style or perhaps a lack of clarity around their purpose, or their role, responsibilities and expectations.  This Azurite executive coaching programme offers new possibilities that allows them to step forward throughout this journey and beyond with increased clarity, focus and certainty.

“Our role, as an executive coach, is about asking the questions that don’t often get asked, being listened to and paying attention to what is going on behind what’s going on.”

It’s about being heard and valued in a way and on levels that rarely happen in normal conversations. The leader will be offered the time and space to reflect on his/her role and responsibilities, to leverage what is working well, focus on what could be working better and to learn the skills to enhance their personal and professional leadership performance.

  • We place a huge importance in openness, clear communication and mutual respect
  • We believe Coaching to be a developmental intervention rather than remedial
  • We are committed that coaching conversations are confidential and all feedback that is offered is fully transparent and agreed
  • We recommend that the coachee and their manager have regular coaching review discussions between themselves
  • We believe that people usually know the answers to problem situations – coaching enables them to find out explicitly what they already know implicitly

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What Others Say

“I had the pleasure of working with Mary T to improve my communication skills and gain an understanding of human interaction that helped me both in my work and family environment. Using a framework of sincere empathy and non judgement, she encouraged openness and trust.  I could be myself completely and after much listening and emotion and laughs, I always came away feeling re-energised, truly heard, seen and valued and with a greater understanding of myself and gained a number of strategies to help me along the way while keeping the learnings alive. Mary T is an outstanding coach, she gets it”

Aileen Duggan

“Working with Mary T has had a huge positive impact on my life, both professionally and personally. Mary T’s approach to coaching and mentoring, which is open and honest, tailored to my needs, with a clear view on getting a result from each session was hugely empowering.   As result of Mary T’s skills of listening, questioning and analysis I now have a greater awareness of my strengths and my career goals. As a result, I have been able to make significant decisions and communicate with confidence without being distracted by strong emotions.   I have also gained a repertoire of skills that are now my default mechanism when I encounter a dilemma.   In simple terms, I describe Mary T as my Guardian Angel, and I will be forever grateful of the opportunity to work with her, highly recommended!”

Deirdre Hynes, Molex, Shannon

“Mary T gets my highest recommendation as an Executive / Career coach. She guided me on a path of self-discovery where I gained clarity on my own strengths and on my career goals. She is incredibly skilled at asking the right questions; helping me see things from different perspectives.
Her coaching style is a perfect fit for any business leader who wants to perform at a higher level or who seeks support in overcoming career hurdles. What sets Mary T aside from other coaches is that she genuinely cares about her clients and is committed to getting positive lasting results.”

Eámonn Nestor, Senior Director Operations, Stryker

“Intuitive, empathic, expert, enthusiastic, supportive, humorous, respectful, authentic and trustworthy are the words that spring to mind when I think of Mary T. In a nutshell, Mary T introduced me to me. We remain fond friends.”

John Counihan, Musgrave Group

“Mary T brings an experience and an empathy which accelerates the process of personal Coaching but also challenges in a very focused and effective manner.”

Michael Napier, Ph.D., M.B.A., Scientific Fellow, Global Technical Services, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Cork.