The Daring Way

The Daring Way ™ is a highly experiential personal development programme based on the research of Brené Brown PhD and her bestselling 3rd book, Daring Greatly.  The method was designed for work with individuals, teams and organisational leaders to encourage them to show up, be seen and live braver lives.

The programme is run as a 3 day intensive retreat and is about learning to truly show up wholeheartedly in our lives through embracing our own sense of self-worth and belief, practicing healthy vulnerability, becoming more resilient to shame, and connecting deeply with the values we hold dear.

The primary focus is on developing new choices and daily practices that will move us towards more courageous and authentic living and build on the courage to go out into the arenas of our lives as our genuine self, to truly connect with the people we hold dear and to dare to go after our dreams.

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