It is my privilege and honour to be the first official Daring Way and Rising Strong facilitator in Ireland, having trained with Dr Brené Brown and her team on her methodology over the past year.   The concepts developed by Dr. Brene Brown and her research provide a solid foundation of Personal Leadership and personal responsibility.

The Daring Way ™ and Rising Strong ™ are programmes based on the ground-breaking research of Dr Brené Brown, PhD.  (Make reference to her TED talk) In these programmes we explore topics such as vulnerability, courage, authenticity, shame and worthiness.  Both programmes stand on their own and are run as separate weekend intensive retreats each of which complement each other beautifully (max number per workshop 12) – either one can be completed first or you can choose to attend just one and not the other.  In these workshops we examine the thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that are holding us back, and we identify the new choices and practices that will move us towards more authentic and wholehearted living.  The primary focus is on developing tools for greater emotional resilience and daily practices that transform the way we live, love and lead. The weekends are run in a way that provides incredible safety to bravely explore and develop the skills to engage in one’s life from a place of worthiness and connection.

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