“Authentic leaders demonstrate a passion for their purpose, practice their values consistently, and lead with the hearts as well as their heads.  They establish long-term, meaningful relationships and have the self-discipline to get results.  They know who they are.”

Harvard Business Review

Our programmes are seen, not as training events, rather as an opportunity for your leaders, managers and teams to raise the awareness, the consciousness, enhance their skills in making better choices, in holding open honest, authentic conversations, offering and inviting effective feedback, holding people accountable, taking personal responsibility, being sought after mentors, powerful presenters, embracing their vulnerability as leaders while enhancing trust and engendering in themselves a flexible interpersonal and leadership and management style.

Executive Coaching

Developing Leaders & Managers

Daring Way Programme

All our programmes are highly experiential, practical and relevant learning experiences that draw from the latest communication, behavioural, psychological and self-awareness theories, approaches and techniques, which involve all the fundamental skills to be the best we can be at all times.

They are typically run as a combination of masterclasses, 1-to-1 coaching sessions and playback sessions, the duration of which depends on the specific programme and the organisational needs.  The coaching sessions are a vital part of ensuring that the learning gets transferred from the masterclass environment to people’s roles.  It is designed as a confidential space within which to further explore the things that come up in the group sessions, to deepen and strengthen skills and their application and to handle sensitive job related challenges or issues that the leaders may to feel comfortable bringing to the large group setting.

We draw extensively from a theory of human development, personality, and communication known as Transactional Analysis (TA) for the Communication aspects of the programmes. TA provides concepts that offer a simplicity in making the implicit explicit, and offers us the language to be able to describe behaviours (good and bad) without the need for any blame, shame or judgement.  It can be learned and applied as tools for personal and professional growth and change.  The underlying philosophy is one of mutual self-respect and caring and a belief in peoples’ ability to be responsible, think for themselves and make their own decisions.

Additionally, our programmes offer another perspective, a common language, a new way of looking at ourselves, our personality, our reactions, our behaviours and we explore what is working well and what may not be serving us as leaders.

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What Others Say

“I have worked with Mary T, in her capacity as a coach, mentor and trainer for the over 3 years. In my view, she is a real ‘stand-out- from-the- crowd’ professional and a once off. I cannot recommend Azurite highly enough.”

Dr. Francis McHugh, Snr Quality Manager, J&J Visioncare Ireland

“Coaching with Mary T was the best formal learning experience of my life.  Her approach was respectfully challenging, supportive and always positive, empathetic, energetic and safe environment which facilitated an incredibly powerful learning process.”

Edmund Galvin, Programme Manager Stryker

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Mary T for executive coaching. She brings listening, perception, intuition, honesty and genuineness. Mary T has the ability to help any leaders, or future leaders, to go from good to great.”

Antoinette Curtin, Quality Manager Boston Scientific

“Azurite Consulting has become a valuable partner to Novartis and are our Coach / trainer of choice when it comes to our needs around Interpersonal Communication, Mentoring, Presentation Skills and group facilitation.”

Garry Benson, Training, Development & Communications Lead, Ex Novartis

“After working with Mary T, I personally am starting to see real change within our team in terms of how we are all interacting with each other.  There is more honesty, kindness and fun.”

Sinead Meaney, Quality Operations Manager Boston Scientific

“Mary T is a master coach who worked in a deeply caring, human, focused, practical and skilled way.  I also really appreciated her grounded approach, where she really helped me to clarify and commit to my personal and business vision.”

Nadine McCarthy, High Performance & Leadership Consultancy
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