Insights From The Leadership Whisperer

Why Meta Navigator? What Does it Mean?

The evolution from Leading to Navigating.  

We live in a radically altered world that is crying out for a different kind of leader. An evolution from the traditional leader to a Meta Navigator. This is a metaphor for a certain type of leader who confidently knows how to navigate through the uncharted waters of competing forces and complexities of our ever-changing landscape (Navigator) – done by a leader who clearly operates from a higher level of consciousness – an elevated level of effectiveness (Meta).

It requires a leader’s willingness to hold the compass to lead, guide, support and constantly re-calibrate while journeying together through the complex, volatile and uncertain terrain. Working individually and collectively such leaders shine the light on and support others to work through any inherent limitations to create a more sustainable and safe path for everyone: colleagues, staff, customers, shareholders and governing bodies.

Since our once ‘brightly-shining North Star’ now seems to be out of focus, the Meta Navigator knows the importance of looking inwards as well as outwards.  They consistently and courageously navigate through their own inner world when triggered by uncertainty, vulnerability, emotional reactions and fears that they encounter along the way.  And even those of everyone else they interact with.

The Meta Navigator effortlessly plans ahead, practices clear thinking, balances facts with faith and never uses shame, blame or judgement as a leadership approach. This, combined with psychological safety and high levels of trust lead to much greater levels of integrated thinking and functioning across the organisation. They are also adept at developing these qualities and competencies in others.

This journey of course, isn’t always comfortable, yet the Meta Navigator consciously and courageously chooses to embrace the vulnerability required, call upon the self-regulation, self-awareness, inner strength, wisdom and skill needed to create a strong sense of trust, effect meaningful change and instill hope and clarity for everyone. This naturally results in a more productive, effective, collaborative, sustainable and thriving organisation.

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