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Intentional Leadership – Be the exception

Be an Exceptionalist

Adapted from Robin Sharma’s book ‘The 5am Club’.

What follows is a slightly adapted version of inspiring words from Robin Sharma, in his great book “The 5am Club” – which I read (devoured) and took on the challenge to practice it every morning for the recommended 66 days (yes, that means rising at 5am every morning, and using your first hour, at least, for a combination of exercise, meditation and learning!). I highly recommend the book!

This adaptation was created by an Executive Coaching client of mine – who I believe is already a true Meta Navigator, an Exceptionalist in all that he does. He changed it from ‘third person’ to ‘first person’ and used it as a sort of a mantra – a commitment to himself for how he chooses to show up as a leader every day.

How I see Leadership 2020

Being an exceptionalist

Adapted from Robin Sharma’s book ‘The 5am Club’

Every day for the rest of my life, I’ll be faced with

the chance of showing leadership,

wherever I am and in all that I do.

Leadership is an arena that everybody plays in,

because it is a lot less about a formal title,

a large office and money and a lot more about

committing to mastery

in all I do and in who I am.

It’s about resisting the tyranny of the ordinary,

refusing to allow negativity to hijack my sense of awe

and preventing any form of slavery to mediocrity from infesting my life.

Leadership is about making a difference right where I’m planted.

Real leadership is about sending out brave work that exemplifies genius,

turns the whole field on its head by its scope, innovation and execution

and is so staggeringly sublime that it stands the test of time.

I’ll make my dominant pursuit the heartfelt release of value

that represents an uncommon magic that borders on the poetic.

I’ll demonstrate the full-on expression of what’s possible

for a human being to create,

and I’ll develop the patience to stick with my dedication to absolute world class output.

For me, it’s about being an Exceptionalist in all that I am