Executive Coaching

for Leaders and Senior managers

This is a 6 – 12 month transformational 1-to-1 partnership. A supportive, challenging and overall inspiring journey that involves a series of monthly 2 – 4-hour confidential coaching sessions (virtually or face-to-face as required). It involves some pre-work and pre-reading prior to the commencement of the coaching and agreed practice and integration activities between sessions. The coaching methodology is informed and underpinned by The Meta Navigator principles and philosophy and masterfully woven together with extensive training in psychology, human behaviour, neuroscience, professional coaching and communication dynamics.

How Does It Work?

My role, as your Executive Coach, is to further enhance and develop your leadership competencies through significantly increased self and situational awareness and advanced leadership tools and perspectives. It is also to ask the questions that don’t often get asked and to ensure you are listened to and heard on levels that rarely happen in today’s fast paced environment.

In addition to this, you can also expect me to be: a confidant, a keen and active listener, a respectfully challenging voice (of perspectives, paradigms and thoughts), a confidential sounding board, a perspective giver, an intuitive and a holder of a psychologically safe and confidential space to name but a few.

What Will You Gain?

The supported development of your competencies, accountability and personal capacity to enable you to draw out your own resourcefulness, co-create and generate outcomes that are aligned with agreed coaching, developmental and performance objectives

Empower you to navigate uncertainty and complexity by becoming a more courageous and brave leader

Gain enhanced levels of awareness and higher levels of conscious leadership

Create new possibilities that allow you to move forward throughout your leadership journey and beyond with increased clarity and certainty

A deep understanding and ability to move beyond any un-helpful behavioural patterns and belief systems that no longer serve you

Truly enhanced interpersonal relationships with your team, your peers and all stakeholders

Paradigm shifts, radically changing how you experience yourself and the world around you

Integrate your cognitive, rational understanding of the learnings and philosophy with something deeper, igniting your inner-wisdom and a heart-felt sense

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What Will Your Organisation Gain?

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Your leaders will experience increased commitment and satisfaction, which typically leads to improved retention and enhanced performance.

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All executive coaching interventions with your leaders are always in alignment with departmental and company goals and objectives

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Your leaders will exhibit an enhanced ability to focus on key goals, and significantly better team management in pursuit of those goals

Optional peer feedback Review

You have the option of incorporating a practical, highly impactful and proven peer review process with an agreed number of your reporting team, your peers, superiors and customers or other relevant stakeholders if required. The responses will be collated by me and the themes will anonymously and respectfully be fed-back to you as appropriate.

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