Not all stamps are cashed in for Free Gifts

  Have you ever found yourself in a position where someone did something, said something or used a particular tone – and as a result of their action or in-action, you felt hurt? This person might be a friend, or a work colleague, your partner or your child, a sibling, [...]

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Vulnerability and the Irish Leader

“Leadership is all about relationships and to be in relationship (with anyone) is to be vulnerable.  Every single day, leaders are called to navigate through uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure – and the only choice is to do it consciously or unconsciously; to lean into the vulnerability or to push it away.”   Brene [...]

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Wise Words I Live By

For my first Blog post, I wanted to share this beautiful poem of simple truths. I use it as a constant reflection in my own personal and professional life, I hope you enjoy it too… Way of Life of Mother Teresa of Calcutta People are often unreasonable, illogical, And self centred: Forgive them anyway! If you [...]

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