What Others Say

I have found the sessions with you and our team to be incredibly powerful and have caused me to take stock and notice the incredible changes that have been happening for me both personally and professionally.  My fear is diminishing, my confidence is growing and I am just not so worried about the small things anymore. 

I have started to see real change within our team in terms of how we interact with each other.  There is more honesty, kindness and fun.  This has been massively helped by our sessions with you.  A heartfelt Thank you to you, Mary T.

Sinead Meaney, Quality Operations Manager Boston Scientific

Trainers usually do one of two things – they either give you information or inspire you with the information – Mary T most definitely did the latter.

Mary T has this wonderful ability to create rapport and a safe space, which enables people to connect and be their very best.  Mary T’s style and delivery was fun, creative and interesting.  In my opinion, these are the ingredients to creating a wonderful course.

Every organisation needs a trainer/facilitator like Mary T. 

Michelle Major, Former Sales and Relationship Manager, Fexco Group

Coaching with Mary T was excellent – Her insightful ability, through her psychology and understanding of the person and life experience, enabled me to open up and challenge my beliefs and ways of working on issues- I would highly recommend Mary T.

Jacinta Courtney, Leader of Aviation Training, Lufthansa

Mary T has been a ‘go-to’ programme facilitator and coach for Harmonics for over ten years, because she is simply outstanding at what she does and feedback from our clients consistently affirms that. 

Mary T brings a passion, a depth of knowledge and absolute focus on the person or group, to her coaching and facilitation programmes, which is both tremendously invigorating and also a great learning experience for participants.  For the organisation and the individual, an opportunity to work with Mary T is one not to be missed!

Fiachra Driscoll, General Manager, Harmonics

Intuitive, empathetic, expert, enthusiastic, supportive, humorous, respectful, authentic and trustworthy are the words that spring to mind when I think of Mary T.

It was through the auspices of coaching, and Mary T’s own real and congruent personality in delivering same, that I arrived out the far side of a very trying experience with an incredibly enhanced awareness of myself, my future career path and also with a much greater acceptance of who I was, where I was and more importantly where I was going.In a nutshell, Mary T introduced me to me.

We have remained  fond friends.

John Counihan, HR Manager, Musgrave Group

Mary T’s coaching style is a perfect fit for any business leader who wants to perform at a higher level or who seeks support in overcoming career hurdles. What sets Mary T aside from other coaches is that she genuinely cares about her clients and is committed to getting positive lasting results.

Mary T gets my highest recommendation as an Executive / Career coach. She guided me on a path of self-discovery where I gained clarity on my own strengths and on my career goals. She is incredibly skilled at asking the right questions; helping me see things from different perspectives.

Eámonn Nestor, Senior Director Operations, Stryker

Mary T showed herself to be a master coach who worked in a deeply caring, human, focused, practical and skilled way. What I valued most was Mary T’s unrelenting focus and attention to my goals. It was an absolute gift to have this quality of coaching.

I also appreciated the grounded approach that Mary T brought, where she really helped me to clarify and commit to my next steps towards my bigger vision.  This has helped to make clearer decisions and take effective actions, for my business and personal life.

Thank you Mary T, I am definitely making it a yearly commitment for me and my business.

Nadine McCarthy, High Performance & Leadership Consultancy

Working with Mary T has had a huge positive impact on me professionally and personally. Mary T’s approach to coaching and mentoring, which is open and honest was hugely empowering.   Mary T’s skills of listening, questioning and analysis gave me a greater awareness of my strengths and my career goals. I have been able to make significant decisions and communicate with confidence without being distracted by strong emotions.  

In simple terms I describe Mary T as my Guardian Angel, and I will be forever grateful of the opportunity to work with her, highly recommended!

Deirdre Hynes, Global Master Black Belt, Molex

I have found my coaching with Mary T to be extremely valuable. I had just assumed the role of Managing Director in a new set-up company and approached Mary T for coaching and mentoring. She has extensively changed my leadership approach and helped modify my behaviours for increasingly positive results in a multi-cultural environment. I see myself more objectively and I have honed my ability to understand not just what will make you successful in business in general, but what will help you in the culture you are in right now.  Overall a great learning experience under Mary T’s guidance.

Austin Hallahan, Managing Director, EPNI

Mary T brings an experience and an empathy which accelerates the process of personal Coaching but also challenges in a very focused and effective manner.

Michael Napier Ph.D., M.B.A., Scientific Fellow, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Cork.

Mary T is an extraordinary coach and one of the very best trainers that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her coaching sessions have inspired me to revise and challenge my own professional behaviours and become more comfortable when speaking to people at all levels. She taught me to be more patient, positive and detailed with my team and to embrace each and every one of their strengths and challenges, which I now very much enjoy to do.

Mary is living proof that passionate people exist and her enthusiasm for sharing it is really contagious. 

Grzegorz Bialek, Former Keelings Farm Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Mary T to improve my communication skills and gain an understanding of human interaction that helped me both in my work and family environment. Using a framework of sincere empathy and non-judgement, she encouraged openness and trust.  I could be myself completely and after much listening and laughs, I always came away feeling re-energised, truly heard and with a greater understanding of myself. I gained a number of strategies to help me along the way while keeping my learning alive. Mary T is an outstanding coach, she gets it!

Aileen Duggan, Coaching Client

Mary T Tierney is a wonderfully gifted, creative and giving person.

We are proud to have Mary T as an associate of Harmonics. Communication is her greatest passion. In fact passion is a word I would use to describe Mary T. She delivers on her feet in her own unique style – she really listens and is incredibly intuitive which brings a richness to her group and 1-to-1 coaching work.

She is a person of the highest integrity who has shown the light to many people being made redundant in the most challenging of situations.

John Fitzgerald, Founder and MD Harmonics

Mary T Tierney of Azurite Consulting has become a valuable partner to Novartis and is our Coach / mentor / trainer of choice when it comes to our needs around Interpersonal Communication, Mentoring, Presentation Skills and group facilitation.

Mary T’s programs return the highest ‘evaluation’ ratings and engagement by all participants. As a Training, Development and Communication manager, this is the return on investment that has Novartis consistently seek out Mary T’s skills and expertise.

Mary T is a true professional, a really personable person and a pleasure to deal with. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any organisation.

Garry Benson, Former Training, Development & Communications Lead, Novartis