Starting with the Why

Our mission is to support our coaching clients, managers, leaders and workshop participants by expressing their own truth with ease, respect and impact, being comfortable in their own skin, embracing their vulnerability, loving their lives and their work and having wonderful relationships.

We do this by being advocates, listening truly, hearing their story, fully seeing them, reminding them of how much they really matter, standing in their corner, being compassionate, non-judgemental, authentic, present and empathetic and sharing Our expertise, if and when relevant and appropriate.

Then for each of these people to bring this way of being into their being and then into their homes, society and their organisations, thus transforming the conversations, the relationships, the cultures and the energy within their families, workplaces and society.

Our personal values that run through everything we do at Azurite are Authenticity, Excellence, Freedom, Generosity, Gratitude, Joy, Learning, Self-Expression

Our Promise to Our Clients

All our work places a huge importance on openness, clear communication and mutual respect.

We believe our group programmes and 1-1 coaching to be developmental, confidential, where all feedback offered is fully transparent and agreed.

We strongly recommend that coachees and their manager have regular coaching review discussions between themselves.

We truly believe that people usually know the answers to problem situations – coaching enables them to find out explicitly what they already know implicitly.

Behind the Scenes

Azurite – What’s in a Name?

The Azurite Experience