Mary T Tierney

Mary T TierneyFounder of Azurite Consulting, Executive Coach and Facilitator

Mary T’s passion for interpersonal communication is informed by her life long learning in psychology, human behaviour and neuroscience. These form the foundations of her work with managers and leaders, to enhance their communication with themselves first and then others in a way that results in them being more effective in everything they do and everywhere they go because ‘Wherever you go, there you are!”.

She loves getting in behind figuring out how we can get in our own way, sabotage and make life difficult for ourselves as a result of our attitudes, old patterns of behaviour, unhelpful paradigms and what we believe about ourselves, about life and about others.  She supports and empowers participants to sit in to the driver seat of their own life and re-claim control of their lives, relationships and careers.

Mary T was born and reared in a pub in Charleville, (which is still going strong!). This is where her natural curiosity and fascination for human behaviour came from.

Mary T set up Azurite Consulting in 2006 to bring her passion to everyone she works with.  She possesses a unique blend of expertise – her creative talent, experience and qualifications combined with an infectious, positive energy and enthusiasm ensures she brings success to all her group facilitation and coaching interventions.  She has a wealth of over 20 years progressive experience across many levels in the corporate world and has a strong knowledge of business practices.

Mary T has a wealth of over 20 years progressive experience across many levels in the corporate world, mostly in the Engineering and Mining manufacturing industries with a focus on sales, marketing and customer service.  Prior to setting up Azurite, she spent a few years in the career coaching / outplacement space working with individuals and groups in supporting them with their career options.

She possesses a unique blend of expertise and a core competency in the area of impactful communication, specifically interpersonal communication and presenting with impact.  Her creative talent, experience and qualifications combined with an infectious, positive energy and enthusiasm ensures that she brings success to everything she facilitates.

Azurite’s Programmes are designed and inspired by Mary T’s first hand organisational experience (20 years), her MBA qualification and her skills as a Competent Toastmaster. She is an accredited professional coach and continues to deepen her communication and leadership expertise through her lifelong learning in the areas of coaching, psychology and neuroscience. Her qualifications and accreditations include:


  • Intensive training in Positive Neuroplasticity, Rick Hanson June 2017
  • NLP Practitioner, 2005, NLP Master Practitioner, 2011

 Psychology and Human Behaviour

  • Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (based on the research of Brené Brown) – First in Ireland, August 2016
  • Trained with Tony Humphries ‘A life examined is a life lived’, 2015/2016
  • Undergone in-depth training and Supervision on Transactional Analysis (Psychology of behaviour & communication) for 3 years (2011-2013)
  • MBTI Personality Profiling, 2011

Professional Coaching

  • Conflict Coaching, 2013
  • Certified Mediator, 2012
  • Completed a Coaching Mastery intensive programme in France in 2011
  • Diploma in Coaching, 2010
  • Certificate in Coaching, 2008

Mary T offers a highly engaging and interactive space that offers huge learning that appeals to all learning styles.  She doesn’t just facilitate a coaching session or workshop, what she offers goes far beyond that, bringing a unique perspective into her work while effortlessly creating an environment of psychological safety where trust, personal accountability, unity and team spirit will be fostered. Her style reflects a person-centred approach and is uniquely innovative, fresh and truly practical.

As a self-confessed ‘learning junkie’, a lot of her spare time is spent on some course or other on such topics as psychology, coaching, communication, consciousness, health and well-being and has also been known to do the odd yoga retreat.  She’s particularly passionate about the brain and learning to understand its structure and functioning and what we can do to make it even more powerful than it already is.

As you’ll rarely find her watching TV by choice, there’s a good chance you’ll catch her either playing the piano or watching a TED talk or creating yet another playlist of songs old and new on her treasured ‘Spotify’.  She’s often to be found walking the beautiful Shannon loop or trekking leisurely up the nearby hills.

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