Meet the Azurite Team

Mary T Tierney
Mary T TierneyFounder of Azurite Consulting, Executive Coach and Facilitator

Mary T’s core competency as an executive coach and facilitator lies in the area of impactful communication, specifically interpersonal communication and presenting with impact.

Her bespoke development programmes are designed for leaders and managers within organisations. Her work blends deep learning in group settings and 1-to-1 management and executive coaching and mentoring (having facilitated over 14,000 hours of coaching with clients to date).

Mary T possesses a unique blend of expertise – Her creative talent, experience and qualifications combined with an infectious, positive energy and enthusiasm ensures she brings success to all her group facilitation and coaching interventions.  She has a wealth of over 20 years progressive experience across many levels in the corporate world and has a strong knowledge of business practices.

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Denise O'Brien
Denise O'BrienBusiness Support Specialist
Denise provides Business Support to Azurite, mainly working closely with Mary T on operational planning and organisation. Additionally I provide support with project management, facilitation and coaching…
Sinead Quinlan
Sinead QuinlanFinance and Accounts
Sinead overseas the day to day financial aspects of Azurite Consulting, primarily in preparation of accounts, sales invoicing and client support. Mary T’s business has gone from strength to strength over the past number of years & it is a privilege to be involved in part of this great success and the ever growing team that is Azurite Consulting Ltd…
Pat Hennessy
Pat HennessyExecutive Coach and Facilitator
Pat works with Azurite and Mary T in delivering their one-to-one Executive Coaching and Leadership & Management Development Programmes within organisations…
Gillian Driver
Gillian DriverLearning and Digital Content Designer
Gillian advises Mary T and her team on how to integrate new theories and online/digital learning resources to their already impactful and successful programmes. Mary T and Azurite continually strive to innovate their development and coaching programmes and Gillian designs and develops digital learning resources, materials and content for the business…

What you can expect when you work with the Team at Azurite

  •  We place a huge important in the psychological safety that is necessary for an environment of trust, openness, clear communication, transparency and mutual respect
  • We foster an environment where everyone feels safe to be seen, to be creative, innovative and embrace change without exception.
  • We offer Confidentiality in a totally non-Judgemental environment with a different and impartial perspective on things.
  • We believe that people contribute more to an organisation and to their team when they feel valued, consulted and motivated
  • We promise to be fully present, honest and respectful at all times
  • We challenge and encourage in a way that enhances learning and self- expression without any shame, blame or judgement
  • We identify and unblock anything that may be stopping you from achieving your objectives
  • We encourage appropriate and respectful humour and lots of laughs

The Azurite Experience

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