You Have A Choice

You can operate in the way you always have, that gets you the same results you always got, or you can choose to raise the bar on your leadership, your teams and your culture.


You don’t get to do both.

We support leaders and their teams in navigating their journey towards personal mastery, exceptional leadership, high-performing teams and thriving cultures.

  • Working with Mary T is like being given a traveler’s guidebook to your own well-known and well-treaded neighborhood

    “Through these Leadership sessions with Mary T - I have been given a torch to light up the paths.  Because this is what it is all about, isn’t it? It is not just my own direction that is to be found. It is the tuning in of the beacons and bearings of others that gives direction to the true paths.Full Testimonial

    Anna-Karin Sogndal
    COO, Entry Point North AB (Sweden)
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You or your team struggle to keep pace with a rapidly changing business landscape?

Frustration with your team’s inability to execute on strategy?

Being hampered by lack of engagement of some key staff in your business?

Creativity and innovation being stifled?

Inconsistent leadership behaviours?

Strained or frayed relationships and environments with poor psychological safety?

If you experience any of the above you are not alone. These are the key worries of a majority of business leaders today (London Business School 2017). Worries that build stress and contribute to poor decision making.


The Meta Navigator© is an exclusive game-changing leadership philosophy and development pathway designed to address these core issues and release the full potential that resides within you and your team.

“We need to have honest conversations about what it takes to bring our best, most authentic selves to work and how to effectively encourage our colleagues to do the same.  We need to understand the human side of cultivating an organizational culture where people feel inspired and supported.  These conversations may sound risky and vulnerable, but risk and vulnerability are essential to courageous leadership”

Dr. Brené Brown

  • Mary T seamlessly creates environments with high levels of trust and psychological safety

    “This leads to highly impactful communication, collaboration and engagement throughout the organisation where people enjoy coming to work, are whole heartedly committed and willing to go the extra mile.Full Testimonial

    Paul Delahunt
    Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Molex, Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland

What kind of Leader is a Meta Navigator?

The Meta Navigator ©

…is a Conscious Leader who is exceptional in everything they do; how they are, how they behave, how they communicate and connect, how they perceive the world and how they know themselves and how they show up each and every day.

… truly wishes and believes that it is possible to lead an enviable culture where trust and empathy levels are high, where everyone has each others back and where high levels of trust, accountability, commitment and psychological safety are the norm.

… understands that un-happiness, stress, frustration and irritation aren’t created by the situation outside of themselves (the annoying team member, the un-met deadline, the drop in sales), rather it’s caused by the narrative – what they happen to say to themselves about the situation. Meta Navigators are conscious of their unconscious selves.

… understands how their mind works and the impact that their spiralled thinking can have on themselves and everyone around them. They take personal responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, behaviours and mistakes; they do not shame, blame or judge anyone. Their meetings are inclusive, collaborative, open clear and run beautifully.

 deeply understands self and the drivers of behaviour in all of us, is comfortable with personal vulnerability and creates and environment where positive challenging engagement is the norm. They lead with the integrity and skills required to guide their team to dynamic, flexible and cohesive decision making and execution.

  • Dyrleif Femo

    I am amazed over her endless wisdom and her clear perception of life

    “The journey with Mary T has given me powerful insights and tools that without a doubt have been a life changing experience.Full Testimonial

    Dýrleif Femö
    Group Quality & Compliance Manager, Entry Point North AB, Sweden

Why This Is Needed Now

We are living in a world of constant uncertainty, chaos and upheaval. Unchartered territory that feels like we have lost control over our external world.

The good news is we haven’t lost control over how we show up as a great leader, how we behave, interact and react. We haven’t lost control over the cultures we can create in our organisations and we haven’t lost control over how we engage with our inner world of thoughts, emotions and perceptions.

To effectively navigate this unchartered territory we must focus on these spheres of influence to build cohesive, resilient, agile and robust teams, cultures and organisations. It is in strengthening these internal systems that we best prepare ourselves and our organizations for the unknown.

To do this we must continuously focus on our own and our team’s personal and professional growth to develop the cohesion that will support clarity, humility and focus, help us become better thinkers and make better decisions.

The Meta Navigator programme is built upon experiential, philosophical, psychological and practical foundations to deliver a vibrant and emotional journey in personal and professional mastery. In our learning arena you will be challenged to re-think yourself, your leadership and the kind of culture you wish to create by your own behaviour and those you are willing to tolerate in others.

This programme will provide the keys to simplifying the complex and creating more productive, collaborative, innovative and creative leaders, leadership teams and thriving cultures.

  • Marion Carmody Testimonial

    She took me on a remarkable journey of professional and personal self-discovery that I couldn’t have imagined

    “Each session is packed with wisdom, passion, empathy, intuition and I must mention the laughs. I came away re-energised and ready to take on any hurdle. It is an honour to work with Mary T as my career coach and she gets my strongest recommendation. I also made a true friend along the way.Full Testimonial

    Marion Carmody
    Senior Engineering Supervisor, Global Quality & Operations, Stryker UK

What you, your team and your culture can expect to achieve from fully engaging in The Meta Navigator


Clarity in communication, increased ability to hold people accountable, hold the courageous conversations, offer appropriate and timely feedback without assumptions or ambiguity and without shame, blame or judgement.

A freeing up of your time to focus on important priorities and expectations and be able to become more strategic in your role while being more effective and assertive in dealing with people and in managing conflict situations by turning tension into a more productive energy.

A deeper understanding of your own reactions, triggers and behaviours and how these impact upon the way in which you communicate, manage and lead others and reduce misinterpretation of other people’s actions and words.

The vulnerability and courage to become more open and collaborative and to leave your comfort zone and become more innovative, spontaneous, creative, enthusiastic, brave and passionate – all qualities that are expected of every impactful leader.

General enhancement of leadership presence, impact and communication, especially in how you facilitate conversations in a non-judgemental way.

Helps you to further understand and manage your ‘inner world’ and how it contributes to either a positive or negative experience in our lives, in our roles and in our ability to lead.

Your Team

Increased trust levels among the leadership team leading to enhanced collaboration. A transitioning from high performing crisis managers to high performing effective strategic leaders resulting in higher levels of psychological safety across the site.

A common language with a deeper understanding of interpersonal dynamics and human behaviour. This enables everyone to hold themselves and each other more accountable and interact in a more effective, clear and influential way with each other, their internal and external customers suppliers, colleagues and all stakeholders.

Closer links between everyone on the leadership team and between departments; more openness, collaboration, trust engagement, frank discussions and a more united front. A better understanding of each other’s role, goals and priorities and knowing the importance of each element and how it impacts on their own role and the bigger picture.

Your Culture

A culture where its leaders know how to embrace the uncertainty of a world that is no longer predictable, definable and controllable.

An environment where people respectfully and appropriately hold each other accountable, embrace their vulnerability and always have each other’s back. This will result in people feeling a strong sense of belonging and inclusion allowing themselves to be more creative, innovative and authentic.

A culture of true psychological safety where people at all levels can freely express their opinions and share ideas. In this environment everyone is also naturally comfortable offering and receiving timely feedback, holding courageous conversations and being able to challenge the status quo and other’s opinions without fear or risk of retribution.

Increased employee commitment, engagement and satisfaction, which typically leads to improved retention and enhanced performance through increased levels of trust and personal responsibility within the team, the organisation and beyond.

  • Value added on a number of fronts

    “In addition to significant individual growth and development, as a result of the coaching, there was also an increase in personal and professional awareness, enhanced work performance and successful delivery of my goals and objectives.Full Testimonial

    Michael Napier
    Ph.D., M.B.A., Professional Coach. Scientific Fellow, Technical Operations, Janssen Pharmaceutical, Little Island, Cork, Ireland

Is This You? Are You A Leader Who…

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Has a deep need for things to be better both personally and professionally, who has a strong foundation of genuine curiosity, an openness, patience and willingness to try things even though they may not always work?

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Is proud to be part of the creation of an enviable, psychologically safe culture in your organisation run by high performing teams?

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Will not accept ‘sameness, ordinary and mediocre’ to ever become the standard?

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Holds a desire to be respectfully challenged, a commitment to practice and a promise to step outside of the comfort zone knowing deep down that ‘world class begins where our comfort zone ends’?

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Knows that nothing works for those who don’t do the work (ideas and cognitive understanding are worth little until backed by integration and application)?

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Is intentional and willing to take the creative and innovative chances that could turn the company around?

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Has the vision to see that it’s more expensive NOT to do this important work than expensive?

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Sees the world as a place where we are called to discover and journey towards our true selves as leaders, and unfold our own unique potential?


What sets The Meta Navigator© apart from the rest?

The Meta Navigator Programme is one investment you can count on.

Growing and evolving as a person first and thus as a leader is one of the smartest ways to spend the rest of your life

It’s an exclusive and sustainable behavioural and cultural enhancement programme, that is transformational across your professional, personal and inner worlds. The output of which will filter and cascade throughout your business, shifting old unhelpful paradigms and resulting in everyone being happily engaged and fulfilled.

This programme will offer you an enormous psychological edge – a major point of differentiation from other leaders and other programmes

Understanding, recognising and knowing what to do with the patterns, nuances, dynamics and behaviours that often result in people issues that can contribute to ineffective teams.

By fully engaging in the 3 modules of the Meta Navigator Programme and the associated 1-to-1 learning integration / coaching, you will become a much better thinker, your mind will be less distracted, you will make better decisions, less mistakes, will be more productive, innovative and creative leading to optimal results.

You will experience the difference between a cognitive, intellectual understanding of the power of the programme and a felt understanding and response that results in lasting, sustainable learning and change

The Meta Navigator© aligns who you are,
with what you do and how you lead.

Who We Work With

Azurite is trusted to partner with many highly respected companies

  • Lisa-Carey-Picture-web

    Mary T is not fazed by anything

    “Mary T has a wealth of knowledge and experience, she listens, questions and then works with you to tease out a solution and path forward.Full Testimonial

    Lisa Carey
    CCI Team Leader & Champion, Eli Lilly, Kinsale, Cork, Ireland


Exploring The Meta Navigator © Experience

The Meta Navigator©

Executive Coaching

Azurite’s long-established transformational Executive Coaching (with Mary T); a challenging and supportive engagement which will empower you to navigate through the unique set of business challenges you face today, underpinned by the philosophy and principles of The Meta Navigator.

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The Meta Navigator programme can be accessed in the following three ways:

The Meta Navigator In House

In House

A customised 6-8 month leadership development and cultural change programme for your leadership / management teams.

The Meta Navigator In House


1-to-1 Meta Navigator accelerated 4-month journey for emerging leaders and leaders newly appointed to an established leadership / management team.

The Meta Navigator In House


Public Program, sponsored by Skillnet Ireland, where you will share the 6 – 8 month journey with a group of like-minded leaders from a variety of organisations.

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Curious About The Name?

The Meta Navigator is a metaphor for a certain type of leader who confidently knows how to navigate through the uncharted waters of competing forces and complexities of our ever-changing landscape (Navigator) – done by a leader who clearly operates from a higher level of awareness (Meta) – an elevated frequency and who has the ability to observe themselves objectively.

Still Curious? Read more here